Mayor Pugh Names New Housing Heads

On June 22nd, Mayor Pugh named Michael Braverman as head of Baltimore’s DHCD and Janet Abrahams as head of the Housing Authority of Baltimore City (HABC). Formerly headed by one set of leadership under the disastrous Paul Graziano, Pugh promised during her campaign to split Baltimore Housing and HABC into two separate agencies.

Michael Braverman has worked for Baltimore City over the past 30 years, and was named Acting Commissioner after the firing of Graziano earlier this year. Under Braverman, Baltimore Housing ramped up its code inspections, receivership, and demolition, and has been taking a more proactive approach to cleaning up Baltimore’s vacants, of which there are still at least 25,000 across the city.

Janet Abrahams worked for the New York City Housing Authority for two years before being hired by Mayor Pugh. Prior to her short stint in New York, Abrahams worked for the Newark Housing Authority while the NHA was embroiled in several scandals involving its Executive Director, Keith Kinard. Despite sweeping cuts to to services and staff, executives received large raises, including Abrahams, who received a $15,000 raise in 2008. Kinard’s contract was not renewed this year.

2 thoughts on “Mayor Pugh Names New Housing Heads

  • Janet Abrahams brings a great deal of commitment and passion to her work. She has done great things in her tenure with NHA and her “Short Stint” with NYCHA. Congratulations Baltimore and Janet Abrahams.

    • I’m hoping she’ll be a refreshing change from our last Housing Commissioner, and look forward to see what kind of changes she implements!

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