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Dear Mayor Pugh,

Congratulations on winning the election. You’re now Baltimore City’s mayor instead of my State Senator, so hopefully being here instead of Annapolis, you’ll be more committed to Baltimore’s neighborhoods. Here are a few suggestions, with regard to housing in Baltimore that you may want to consider: Break Baltimore Housing and the Housing Authority of Baltimore Read more about Dear Mayor Pugh,[…]

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Putting Out the Affordable Housing Fire

The Problem Baltimore’s current affordable housing crisis is yet another fire our government has to put out — despite it smoldering for years, turning into a full blaze right around the same time as the housing bubble and subsequent “bust”, leaving thousands in foreclosure and unable to afford steadily rising rents. Many cities are faced Read more about Putting Out the Affordable Housing Fire[…]

Development By Bullying: Harbor Point is Bad for Baltimore

One of the things I’ve said over and over is that we need to rethink housing in Baltimore City. New conversations, new ideas, and new approaches need to be found if we’re to ever fix the 50-year mess we’re in. In this vein, we also need our government — those who we elect to represent Read more about Development By Bullying: Harbor Point is Bad for Baltimore[…]