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“My Landlord Won’t Make Repairs, Now What?”

I get a lot of emails from tenants who are living in unimaginable circumstances. No heat or hot water in the winter, basements and walls covered in black mold, flooded basements, even a collapsed ceiling or two, and they’ve contacted the landlord. Their circumstances may vary, but the question at the end of the email Read more about “My Landlord Won’t Make Repairs, Now What?”[…]

Water, Water, Everywhere

Baltimore City is getting ready to shut off the water of 25,000 people across the city, if the water bill is two months overdue. According to one article, at least one third of those who will lose water are 369 businesses that account for $15,000,000 of lost revenue, and the rest are homeowners and tenants. Read more about Water, Water, Everywhere[…]