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Allegations of Sexual Assault Against Public Housing Residents Continue

As reported in the Afro on the 22nd of February, conditions in Baltimore’s public housing have not improved under new Housing Commissioner Janet Abrahams, hired by Mayor Catherine Pugh after the firing of Paul Graziano. Replacing one commissioner with another is not enough. Our housing authority needs close scrutiny, and those responsible for preying on Read more about Allegations of Sexual Assault Against Public Housing Residents Continue[…]

Photo of Jim Crow graffiti in Baltimore

Jim Crow is Alive and Well…

Yesterday I posted an Instagram photo of a piece of graffiti [Name Withheld] did on the top of a building near Clipper Mill, and I had my first Instagram Fight. The photo I posted was this: Jim Crow Runs Bmore. Indeed “he” does, but having this idea, and saying so publicly, sparked a discussion about Read more about Jim Crow is Alive and Well…[…]

Map of publicly subsidized housing in Baltimore City.

Baltimore City Public Housing Segregation

Right now, researchers have tools to determine where affordable and subsidized housing is being built and preserved — and also where poverty is being concentrated. With the gutting of HUD’s funding for data and tracking tools, it could allow the continuation of housing segregation, or worse, push it back to pre-Fair Housing Act days where Read more about Baltimore City Public Housing Segregation[…]

Photo of Poe Homes, Baltimore City.

Dispelling Myths About Public Housing

People love to hate public housing — housing that’s owned or subsidized by the government, whether HUD or a Public Housing Authority (PHA) such as the Housing Authority of Baltimore City. Detractors will point to public housing as the cause of all things terrible in a community, blaming the residents, making all sorts of assumptions Read more about Dispelling Myths About Public Housing[…]

Because Sadly, Sometimes Even Women Get This Wrong.

The women’s organization UltraViolet has been mentioned on social media lately, for their anti-Paul Graziano ads and petition to have the Baltimore HABC Commissioner fired. While I commend them for their effort, I was dismayed last night to read this: “Women were forced to trade sex for critical home repairs” Since this story broke, many Read more about Because Sadly, Sometimes Even Women Get This Wrong.[…]

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Governor Hogan Announces $700 Million Initiative in Baltimore City

As we’ve read in the news, Maryland has begun a $700 million plan to revitalize blighted neighborhoods in Baltimore City, starting with $9.875 million in funding (FY 2016) for demolishing unsafe vacant homes. After speaking with Audra Harrison, Director of the Office Public Information for the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development, I am Read more about Governor Hogan Announces $700 Million Initiative in Baltimore City[…]