South Baltimore Gateway Plan: Open for Public Comments

For those who live and/or work in South Baltimore, this is a great opportunity to speak your mind regarding the South Baltimore Gateway Plan. The casino has consistently fallen short of meeting its revenue goals, and funds have been diverted to infrastructure improvements that were beneficial to the casino, and not necessarily to residents who Read more about South Baltimore Gateway Plan: Open for Public Comments[…]

Mapping is on Hiatus

Unfortunately, Google has discontinued their enterprise-level Maps Engine, so our mapping project has hit a bit of a snafu. Luckily, I was able to download all of the data before everything went away, so the mapping project will resume as soon as we’ve established an account with another map provider. I chose BatchGeo as the Read more about Mapping is on Hiatus[…]

A Tale of Three Cities

People make much of the idea of “two cities” in Baltimore — one, affluent and white, and the other is usually labeled as poor and black. This view leaves out the third group: the folks, black and white, who earn around the city’s median income of $40,000 or so, and have solid potential to be Read more about A Tale of Three Cities[…]