Possible Changes to IRS Tax Code are Bad for Nonprofits

One of the biggest incentives available for charitable giving is in danger, due to a possible change to IRS Tax Code. President Obama has proposed a 28% cap on charitable donations by high-income donors. This could potentially reduce giving to nonprofits, and therefore reduce their effectiveness and ability to combat problems governments and other institutions Read more about Possible Changes to IRS Tax Code are Bad for Nonprofits[…]

GivingTuesday 2013

Really excited to announce that we’ll be part of #GivingTuesday this year.  In case you don’t know what it is — here’s the scoop: Thanks to the awesome folks at GiveCorps, on Tuesday, December the 3rd, it’s an all-out fundfest.  (Just to give you an idea as to how this could work, the Pittsburgh Foundation Read more about GivingTuesday 2013[…]