Photo of the US Capitol building, Washington DC

Moderate Income Housing Tax Credit: Support

We’ve long been champions for being proactive through public policy that can help to prevent the downward financial spiral faced by so many middle-income families across our city, and have found that high rental housing costs in the Baltimore metro region are the the reason why so many people are having difficulty getting a handle Read more about Moderate Income Housing Tax Credit: Support[…]

The Time for Affordable Housing is NOW.

Millions of Americans are paying more than 30% of their net monthly income for housing costs, resulting in overburdened households in danger of falling into poverty, if they’re not there already. In the Baltimore region, according to the new report released today by the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University, almost 50% of Read more about The Time for Affordable Housing is NOW.[…]

Baltimore’s Middle Class Explained

In the middle of doing research on middle-income folks in Baltimore, in preparation for laying the groundwork for a middle-income housing plan…I came across a Baltimore Brew comment where someone explained it perfectly, and it brilliantly illustrates the urgent need for middle-income housing: “Median income (2012) is about $40,000 per household in Baltimore City. In Read more about Baltimore’s Middle Class Explained[…]