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Campaign Promises

Before the election began, we sent all Baltimore City candidates a questionnaire about housing, and collected the responses. Now that the election is over and the candidates have taken office, it’s a good time to remind them of their responses, and also to remind them that we intend to hold them accountable for the state Read more about Campaign Promises[…]

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The Housing Questionnaires: Lessons Learned

It’s always interesting to ask a random group of people the same questions and see what you get back. I guarantee at the very least, you won’t be bored. Hopefully you’ll even be enlightened at the end of the process. Candidate surveys and politics in general are two things I tend to stay away from, Read more about The Housing Questionnaires: Lessons Learned[…]

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DIstrict 7 City Council Candidate Antonio Asa on Housing

Antonio Asa was the only candidate from District 7 to respond to the housing questionnaire, and his responses appear below, with no edits. The following candidates did not respond: Tamara Purnell, Marshall Bell, Kenneth Paul Church, Kerry Davidson, Jamar Day, David McMillan, Leon Pinkett, Ahmed Royalty, Shawn Tarrant, Westley West, Nnamdi Scott. 1. Baltimore City Read more about DIstrict 7 City Council Candidate Antonio Asa on Housing[…]

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The Housing Questionnaire: Candidate Responses

Questionnaires were sent to all mayoral candidates, city council candidates, and city council president candidates about housing issues in Baltimore City. Each group was sent the same questions, and were given a strict deadline. Each group’s responses are linked below: Mayoral Candidates City Council President Candidates City Council Candidates, By District: District 1 District 2 Read more about The Housing Questionnaire: Candidate Responses[…]