Map of publicly subsidized housing in Baltimore City.

Baltimore City Public Housing Segregation

Right now, researchers have tools to determine where affordable and subsidized housing is being built and preserved — and also where poverty is being concentrated. With the gutting of HUD’s funding for data and tracking tools, it could allow the continuation of housing segregation, or worse, push it back to pre-Fair Housing Act days where Read more about Baltimore City Public Housing Segregation[…]

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Campaign Promises

Before the election began, we sent all Baltimore City candidates a questionnaire about housing, and collected the responses. Now that the election is over and the candidates have taken office, it’s a good time to remind them of their responses, and also to remind them that we intend to hold them accountable for the state Read more about Campaign Promises[…]

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Amendment to Baltimore’s New Zoning Code: OPPOSE

The Baltimore City Council will vote on an amendment* to Transform Baltimore TODAY that will: Forbid new tavern licenses or alcohol sales within 300 feet of a residence, school, church, park, or other tavern or liquor store. This makes any new liquor stores or bars illegal as a part of a new mixed use development, Read more about Amendment to Baltimore’s New Zoning Code: OPPOSE[…]

Charm City Circulator logo

Contact Your City Council Representative: Proposed Changes to CCC Routes are Bad for Baltimore

The Charm City Circulator, a free shuttle system that connects many of Baltimore’s neighborhoods to downtown is in jeopardy, and your help is needed. The Banner Route, which runs from Locust Point (including Fort McHenry, a popular tourist destination) to downtown, could be eliminated. The extension to the Purple Route, from Penn Station to Charles Read more about Contact Your City Council Representative: Proposed Changes to CCC Routes are Bad for Baltimore[…]

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Baltimore Sustainability Plan Survey

From the Baltimore Department of Planning: We’re very lucky to have strong ties with Baltimore’s communities through the Baltimore Commission on Sustainability and various other forums and partnerships. But we know that one of the best ways to connect with people and learn what they’re doing and what they need is to empower experts and Read more about Baltimore Sustainability Plan Survey[…]

Photo of illegal bandit signs in Baltimore.

Bandit Signs: The New Blockbusting

“I wish they wouldn’t post those here, they make our neighborhood look trashy.” I hear this a lot about bandit signs — those “WE BUY HOUSES” signs that pop up like toadstools after a storm. And yes, they do make a neighborhood look trashy. But even worse — they’re the new tool for blockbusting. For Read more about Bandit Signs: The New Blockbusting[…]

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2015 and 2016 Outcomes: Thank You!

Successes and Outcomes: A Look at 2015 and 2016 I wanted to take a moment and update everyone on our progress. As donors, supporters, partners, and friends, I also want to take a moment to say thank you for everything, as none of these successes would have happened without your advice, financial support, and hard Read more about 2015 and 2016 Outcomes: Thank You![…]

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Putting Out the Affordable Housing Fire

The Problem Baltimore’s current affordable housing crisis is yet another fire our government has to put out — despite it smoldering for years, turning into a full blaze right around the same time as the housing bubble and subsequent “bust”, leaving thousands in foreclosure and unable to afford steadily rising rents. Many cities are faced Read more about Putting Out the Affordable Housing Fire[…]

Election 2016 graphic

The Housing Questionnaires: Lessons Learned

It’s always interesting to ask a random group of people the same questions and see what you get back. I guarantee at the very least, you won’t be bored. Hopefully you’ll even be enlightened at the end of the process. Candidate surveys and politics in general are two things I tend to stay away from, Read more about The Housing Questionnaires: Lessons Learned[…]

Election 2016 graphic

District 14 City Council Candidates on Housing

Three candidates, including the incumbent City Councilwoman for District 14, responded to the housing questionnaire. Two of the candidate response pages are linked below: Mary Pat Clarke (incumbent) David Harding One candidate, Tom Boyce, sent me an email that simply said “Dear Carol, I don’t know.” in response to the questionnaire. When I replied, asking Read more about District 14 City Council Candidates on Housing[…]