From the Baltimore News American - offer for purchase 417 E Fayette Street

The Most Baltimore Thing.

Going through the city’s tax sale list brings up the usual slumlords, tax scofflaws, and people all over the city who owe money for one reason or another. It’s usually pretty uneventful, though last year found M&T Bank Stadium and Camden Yards on the list, which was amusing. This year’s intriguing item is 417 E Read more about The Most Baltimore Thing.[…]

photo of 1411 Division Street, Baltimore, after a 2015 fire.

The Life and Death of 1411 Division Street

I’m not going to lie — this building has kept me up a few nights, perhaps more than a few, and last night was no exception. As reported in the Baltimore Sun, 1411 Division Street met its demise at the hands of a contractor who was supposed to only demolish fire-damaged rear walls, but ended Read more about The Life and Death of 1411 Division Street[…]

Photo of Poe Homes, Baltimore City.

The Gutting of American Government

By now you’ve probably heard the news that two Republican legislators have introduced bills in both the House and Senate that would remove funding for HUD’s assessment tools and tracking/database capabilities. This is a dangerous move for two reasons: This data is used by researchers across the country, along with state and local governments, and Read more about The Gutting of American Government[…]

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Campaign Promises

Before the election began, we sent all Baltimore City candidates a questionnaire about housing, and collected the responses. Now that the election is over and the candidates have taken office, it’s a good time to remind them of their responses, and also to remind them that we intend to hold them accountable for the state Read more about Campaign Promises[…]

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Dear Mayor Pugh,

Congratulations on winning the election. You’re now Baltimore City’s mayor instead of my State Senator, so hopefully being here instead of Annapolis, you’ll be more committed to Baltimore’s neighborhoods. Here are a few suggestions, with regard to housing in Baltimore that you may want to consider: Break Baltimore Housing and the Housing Authority of Baltimore Read more about Dear Mayor Pugh,[…]

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Justice for Neighbors in Southwest Baltimore

In the course of speaking to community groups in Baltimore, the issue of nuisance properties comes up a lot. Sometimes the complaints are fairly minor — trash, noise, etc., and sometimes the complaints turn into a story of a community being terrorized by the residents of one property, one with an owner or landlord who Read more about Justice for Neighbors in Southwest Baltimore[…]

Photo of West Baltimore vacant homes.

Project C.O.R.E Community Meeting June 29

Please attend this important meeting regarding vacants and the implementation of Project C.O.R.E — the city/state partnership to demolish vacant homes. June 29, 6:00-8:00 PM Edmondson-Westside High School, 501 N Athol Avenue, 21229 Let the city know where you think we need more demolition, stabilization, or other strategies to address the city’s 30,000 vacant homes!

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2015 and 2016 Outcomes: Thank You!

Successes and Outcomes: A Look at 2015 and 2016 I wanted to take a moment and update everyone on our progress. As donors, supporters, partners, and friends, I also want to take a moment to say thank you for everything, as none of these successes would have happened without your advice, financial support, and hard Read more about 2015 and 2016 Outcomes: Thank You![…]

Election 2016 graphic

The Housing Questionnaires: Lessons Learned

It’s always interesting to ask a random group of people the same questions and see what you get back. I guarantee at the very least, you won’t be bored. Hopefully you’ll even be enlightened at the end of the process. Candidate surveys and politics in general are two things I tend to stay away from, Read more about The Housing Questionnaires: Lessons Learned[…]

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District 14 City Council Candidates on Housing

Three candidates, including the incumbent City Councilwoman for District 14, responded to the housing questionnaire. Two of the candidate response pages are linked below: Mary Pat Clarke (incumbent) David Harding One candidate, Tom Boyce, sent me an email that simply said “Dear Carol, I don’t know.” in response to the questionnaire. When I replied, asking Read more about District 14 City Council Candidates on Housing[…]