November 20, 2013

Baltimore City Food and Transit Map

Despite slight improvements to the national economy since the mid-2000s, many residents are in need of assistance, in order to feed their families.  In Baltimore City, approximately 23% of the population lives below the poverty line.  In a city of around 600,000 people, — that’s a lot of folks living hand-to-mouth, many of them seniors and children. Food security and food deserts are two issues we hear about in the news often. However, since 2000, the number of grocery stores in Baltimore City (and other food options) has grown exponentially. There’s also a growing debate about the number of grocery stores vs the willingness of shoppers to purchase healthy foods.

Photo of food: kiwi and strawberries.Most grocery stores accept EBT/SNAP, as do many of our farmer’s markets and public markets.  But where are they?  And how do you get to them if you don’t have access to a car?

Click on the map points above, to get more information on each public market, grocery store, or farmer’s market, along with Maryland MTA transit routes*. For more information on EBT/SNAP in Maryland, go here.

To download a free cookbook that offers simple but delicious recipes on $4 a day, click here!  For a story on how the cookbook came about, go here.

If you find any errors or have any questions about the information, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

*Routes have been updated to include CityLink and LocalLink routes, as of February, 2018.