SOWEBO Neighbors — Please Join Us June 12 and June 14!


Please come to this great two-day event where neighbors will have the opportunity to discuss and work on small projects that will have an impact on neighborhood issues. I will be leading the discussion and project for vacants.

Thursday we’ll be discussing what neighbors can do about nuisance vacants: how to verify ownership, how to be strategic in communications with the city about vacants, and where you can go for help.

Saturday we’ll embark on a data collection project where all of your data will be mapped — you’ll get hands-on experience, along with the fun of doing something with your neighbors to combat something that’s been plaguing our communities for far too long. After the two-day session, you will continue to receive technical support from me, and I’m sure the other project leaders will be available as well.

If housing isn’t your thing, there will be groups working on other projects! See below for more info:

The SOWEBO Now Project is a two part event designed to promote new collaborations, connect resources in Southwest Baltimore, and create small projects that can move forward in the next three months.

Part One | Learn/ Think | June 12 (6-9pm)
An evening event, where project leads will share information on current issues facing the neighborhood and form teams with others who want to take action.

Part Two | Make/Do | June 14 (11-5pm)
A focused Saturday of exactly that, making and doing! We are merging ideas from hackathons, creative blitzes and action labs to host a day of taking whatever first steps are needed to turn these projects and ideas into realities. Teams can build apps, websites, logos, stories, art, maps, action plans, or anything they can dream up to move SOWEBO forward

Organizers will be awarding small grants at the end of Make/Do to get projects off the ground.

We need your experience, ideas, and energy! The Southwest Partnership unites seven neighborhoods and has been working for a year on a master plan. This event will capitalize on the momentum these dynamic and engaged citizens to support small wins and spark action now.

Food will be provided at each event, and Saturday will be kid-friendly. The event is free, but you do need to sign up so we know how many people are coming.