Urge the City Council to Support Neighborhood Commercial Zoning

Sidewalk cafe

Sidewalk cafe

Picture your neighborhood full of vibrant shops, locally-owned
restaurants, interesting galleries, and other great spaces within walking distance of your house. If you’re lucky enough to live in a neighborhood that already has these things — imagine what our city could look like if every neighborhood had the same great opportunities.

Neighborhood Commercial zoning is the subject of an article in today’s Baltimore Sun — this would allow for a limited set of business types to move into neighborhoods that are zoned residential, under a set of guidelines called The Row House Mixed Use Overlay (link opens a PDF).  Former vacant “corner stores” could be turned into viable businesses that your community needs and wants.

Unfortunately, some City Council members are against this, and some would like to see it watered down.  To ensure the vibrancy of our neighborhoods, please contact your City Council representative and ask them to please support small businesses in Baltimore — the entrepreneurial spirit is what made our city great once, and can make our city great once again.  We can’t only support big development and big developers, we need people to truly invest in their communities, and what better way for residents to be able to open businesses where they live?

Please support this vital tool for making our neighborhoods safe and vibrant for all residents.

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