Maryland Renters’ Tax Credit: Deadline September 1

The Renters’ Tax Credit is currently only available to low-income and/or senior renters.  However, our legislators did do something positive on this front during this year’s legislative session — the credit has been increased from $750 to $1000. HB340 was signed into law by Governor Hogan in May.

If you think you might qualify for the credit, please go here to download the form and review the current income requirements. The application deadline is September 1, but you can file at any time before then.

Expanding this credit to allow moderate-income renters to apply would provide relief to those who are struggling with rising rents and paying more than 30% of their net monthly income towards housing. This is something we’ll be fighting for in future legislative sessions.

4 thoughts on “Maryland Renters’ Tax Credit: Deadline September 1

  • I lived in Maryland and taught school in Montgomery County School districts. I decided to move from my home in 2004 and just returned after taking other jobs in other states. I am now 66 years old and I have returned to Montgomery Co. Maryland, and my income is not what it use to be. I would like to know if I would qualify for the tax credit . I am on a fixed income, love the area, and I would like a place in Leisure World which is a great place. My daughter has to help me with paying for my rent, and it saddens me. I love Leisure World, and I would like if you could help me.

  • I have just moved to Maryland, where I was born, taught in schools in Montgomery County Public Schools, raised a daughter as a single mom, and now I have returned to live in an apartment instead of a home. I found Leisure World, a place I saw being built when I lived in Montgomery County. It is so good to talk to people who do not talk you down, encourage prospective renters, and never separate people within the community.
    I was a hard working teacher, donated to many projects within Mont. Co. and donations to families who need help. Now it is my turn to give back as a Thanatologist M.A. (the study of death and dying ) as well as an artist and storyteller. Thank you for making us all feel equal, and for believing in liberty and justice for all.

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