Maryland lead program opens registration for rental properties built before 1978

Currently, Maryland law requires rental properties built before 1950 to be registered with the Maryland Department of the Environment, and comply with risk reduction standards.  As of January 2015, all rental properties built before 1978 will now have to be registered.

This change in the law has the potential to greatly reduce the number of children in Maryland who are exposed to lead paint, particularly in Baltimore, where lead poisoning continues to be a problem.  From the MDE:

The number of childhood lead poisoning cases has decreased by 98 percent since the enactment of Maryland’s landmark 1994 Lead Risk Reduction in Housing Act, but a significant number of new lead poisoning cases in recent years have been linked to pre-1978 homes that had not been covered by the law.

You can find more information about MDE’s registration process, and the law here.