Baltimore City Public Housing Segregation

Right now, researchers have tools to determine where affordable and subsidized housing is being built and preserved — and also where poverty is being concentrated. With the gutting of HUD’s funding for data and tracking tools, it could allow the continuation of housing segregation, or worse, push it back to pre-Fair Housing Act days where housing segregation was the norm, and perfectly legal.

Not only do we have to preserve fair and affordable housing, we have to value and preserve the tools required to monitor our progress.

Map of publicly subsidized housing in Baltimore City.

This map is a snapshot of what housing looks like in Baltimore City. Each dot represents a form of subsidized housing, whether a scattered-site standalone structure, or a large public housing development. Note that where the concentration is most prevalent — these are the same neighborhoods that have been plagued with the highest number of lead paint violations, vacant homes, and crime.

What Can You Do?

Call your Congressional Representative and Senator, and tell them to fight against S.B. 103 and H.R. 482 , two bills that could effectively destroy any progress made towards fair and affordable housing.