Amendment to Baltimore’s New Zoning Code: OPPOSE

The Baltimore City Council will vote on an amendment* to Transform Baltimore TODAY that will:

  1. Forbid new tavern licenses or alcohol sales within 300 feet of a residence, school, church, park, or other tavern or liquor store. This makes any new liquor stores or bars illegal as a part of a new mixed use development, and prevents any new bar or liquor store from opening in the vast majority of the city.
  2. Ban sales of mix and match 6 pack beer and any beer sold in a 4 pack.
  3. Ban sales of all mini bottles.
  4. Ban sales of any beer, cider, or malt liquor over 18oz (no 40s, tallboys, crowlers, growlers, or large craft bottles).

Other parts of this amendment that make license holders legally responsible for things that occur in the vicinity of their store or regulate what can be written on signage are very likely unconstitutional. A proposed “shadow liquor board” has been proposed, that appears to be a way to circumvent our current liquor board, wasting taxpayer money. You can also read the Law Department’s negative response to the amendment here*.

*Both links open PDF files.

Baltimore City has alcohol density problems that harm quality of life in some neighborhoods. These drastic, sweeping regulations are NOT the answer. Many thanks to Jed Weeks, who has been closely following Transform Baltimore as a livable city advocate, for bringing this to our attention. Please contact your City Council representative TODAY before 5 PM and let them know we can’t afford this draconian hindrance to economic development in Baltimore.