Action Needed: Urge Your State Elected Officials to Support HB0351

Baltimore City vacant, owned by a forfeited LLC.

Baltimore City vacant, owned by a forfeited LLC.

Bill Information: Requiring a limited liability company to have a company representative; requiring the articles of organization, articles of cancellation, and articles of reinstatement of a limited liability company to include the name and street address of the company representative; applying to a company representative specified provisions of law relating to a change of a resident agent, a change of address of a resident agent, or a resignation of a resident agent of a limited liability company; etc. You can download the full text of HB0351 here.

Why This Bill is Important: Many of our vacant properties, whether a nuisance or not, are owned by LLCs: Limited Liability Companies. Currently, the law requires a designation of a Resident Agent, who is authorized to receive summonses and subpoenas, along with other court/legal documents. This person, most of the time, has no authority to make any decisions with regard to the property owned by the LLC, or assist residents with concerns they may have.  HB0351 would require an LLC to designate a company representative — a member or employee of the LLC who would be better positioned to address concerns or complaints regarding the company’s business practices or property matters. In Baltimore City, and municipalities on the Eastern Shore and Western Maryland, this bill would alleviate the lack of communication between property owners and residents when issues arise with vacant or nuisance properties.

What You Can Do Now: No matter where you are in Maryland, contact your legislators, and ask them to support this bill.

2 thoughts on “Action Needed: Urge Your State Elected Officials to Support HB0351

  • It’s important to be able to address a person responsible for the property and can make decisions regarding upkeep and maintenance.

    • It’s also important for potential buyers to be able to contact the property. I know a woman who would like to purchase several properties along North Avenue, but can’t — because the owners are in the wind, or deceased. Folks, this really isn’t an “anti-business” bill, nor would it take away any of the protections afforded under the LLC Act. It’s simply a way to open the door to communication, and hopefully alleviate some of the problems we currently have, across the state. Baltimore City isn’t the only jurisdiction with this issue — Hagerstown and Frederick in Western MD have a need for redevelopment (moreso Hagerstown), along with some of our Eastern Shore towns.

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