2017 Maryland Legislation to Watch

Photo of the Maryland State House in AnnapolisHB0172 – Home Act of 2017
Stating that the Act seeks to deconcentrate poverty by providing additional opportunities for tenants utilizing public subsidies to live in neighborhoods other than the neighborhoods in which those individuals are currently and disproportionately residing; expanding the housing policy of the State regarding the provision of fair housing to include providing for fair housing regardless of source of income; prohibiting specified discriminatory acts based on a person’s source of income; etc.
Sponsor: Delegate Lafferty (D – District 42A) and Delegate McIntosh (D – District 43)
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SB0164 – Baltimore County – Ethics – Prohibitions and Requirements Regarding Payments During Pendency of Zoning Applications
Prohibiting applicants, agents of applicants, and immediate family members of the applicants and agents from making a payment to a member or the County Executive of Baltimore County or a specified slate during the pendency of the application; prohibiting a member from voting or participating in any way in the proceeding on an application under specified circumstances; requiring the applicant to file a specified affidavit under oath after the application is filed; etc.
Sponsor: Senator Brochin (D – District 42)
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HB0327 – Real Property – Residential Leases – Notice of Routine Maintenance
Requiring the landlord of any leased residential dwelling unit to conspicuously post notice about routine maintenance to the dwelling unit at least 24 hours in advance of the routine maintenance; requiring that the notice provide the anticipated date and time of the maintenance and a general description of the maintenance; and providing the Act does not apply to routine maintenance scheduled at the request of a tenant.
Sponsor: Delegate Miele (R – District 8)
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HB0026 – Real Property – Notices of Foreclosure Sale and Postponement or Cancellation of Foreclosure Sale
Requiring the person authorized to make a foreclosure sale to give written notice of the proposed sale to a specified condominium or homeowners association that, at least 30 days before the date of the proposed sale, has recorded a statement of lien against the property; requiring the trustee, within 14 days after the postponement or cancellation of a foreclosure sale, to send a notice that the sale was postponed or canceled to the record owner; applying the Act to a foreclosure sale scheduled after the effective date of the Act; etc.
Sponsor: Delegate Holmes (D – District 23B)
Bill Text (Link opens a PDF)
See also SB0247

HB0044 – Residential Property – Ground Lease Registration Form – Contact Information Option
Requiring the ground lease registration form required by the State Department of Assessments and Taxation to include a section that allows the ground lease holder to include a telephone number and e-mail address.
Sponsor: Delegate McCray (D – District 45)
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HB0200 – Real Property – Residential Foreclosures – Filing Fees
Increasing, from $300 to $500, the filing fee that must accompany an order to docket or a complaint to foreclose a mortgage or deed of trust on residential property and that is distributed to the Housing Counseling and Foreclosure Mediation Fund.
Sponsor: Delegate Lafferty (D – District 42A)
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HB0220 – Foreclosures – Baltimore County – Certificate of Vacancy or Certificate of Property Unfit for Human Habitation
Requiring Baltimore County to issue on request of a secured party a certificate of vacancy or a certificate of property unfit for human habitation for purposes of filing an order to docket or complaint to foreclose on residential property; and requiring that a certificate be issued or denied in Baltimore County within 14 days after the date of the request for the certificate.
Sponsor: Delegate Grammer (R – District 6)
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HB0269 – Housing Counselor and Aftercare Program
Establishing the Housing Counselor and Aftercare Program in the Department of Human Resources to assist families and individuals who are experiencing, or who are in imminent danger of, a housing crisis in obtaining and maintaining permanent housing; requiring the Governor to include an appropriation for the Program of $516,828 in the annual budget each fiscal year beginning in fiscal year 2019; etc.
Sponsor: Delegate Krimm (R – District 3A)
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HB0434 – Real Property – Backyard Gardens – Prohibition on Restrictions
Prohibiting specified documents from prohibiting a specified homeowner or tenant from installing or cultivating a backyard garden; establishing that a specified homeowner or tenant may not be prohibited from installing or cultivating a backyard garden on specified property; providing that a local jurisdiction may not prohibit specified backyard gardens; applying the prohibition to charter counties and Baltimore City; etc.
Sponsor: Delegate Carr (D – District 18)
Bill Text (Link opens a PDF)
See also SB0062

SB0049 – Landlord and Tenant – Military Personnel – Limitation on Liability for Rent
Altering the circumstances under which the liability of a person on active duty with the United States military, for rent under a lease, is limited; limiting the liability for rent of the spouse of a person on active duty with the United States military under specified circumstances; etc.
Sponsor: Senator Cassilly (R – District 35B)
Bill Text (Link opens a PDF)

HB0338 – Property Tax – Renters’ Property Tax Relief Program – Assets
Excluding the cash value of qualified retirement savings plans or individual retirement accounts from the definition of “assets” for purposes of specified renters’ property tax relief; and applying the Act to all calendar years beginning after December 31, 2016.
Sponsor: Delegate Tarlau (D – District 47A)
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