The Time for Affordable Housing is NOW.

Millions of Americans are paying more than 30% of their net monthly income for housing costs, resulting in overburdened households in danger of falling into poverty, if they’re not there already.

Rent Burden for Baltimore region

Rent Burden for Baltimore region

In the Baltimore region, according to the new report released today by the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University, almost 50% of renters in the Baltimore-Columbia-Towson Metro Area are cost-burdened — this equates to 170,532 households that are struggling just to keep a roof over their heads.   You can access the full map here, showing the cost burdens of households across the country.

If we do not act quickly and implement a housing plan for middle-income renters, our municipal and state budgets will become even more burdened when people are having to resort to receiving assistance, just to pay the rent.  Or worse, when they’re homeless.  It costs far less to keep someone out of poverty than it does to bring them back once they’ve fallen into the abyss.

Contact your City Council representative and let them know you’re tired of overpriced condo developments and you want them to support fair and affordable housing for middle-income working families!


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