Support Good Development Near Morgan State: Sign the Petition

Holmes Hall, Morgan State University

Holmes Hall, Morgan State University

If you’ve ever been to Morgan State University’s campus in Baltimore, one of the first things you notice is the lack of retail nearby. Normally a university campus would be surrounded by restaurants, coffee shops, etc. similar to the Johns Hopkins campus in Charles Village.

There is a shopping center just off Morgan’s campus — at present, it’s quite a dump. It certainly isn’t the kind of place college students would flock to. All that could change, however, if the shopping center’s owner and a developer were able to redevelop the shopping center parcel into mixed-use apartments and retail, for Morgan students — with no public financing. The developer is planning to use his own money, and not asking for public help for this venture, as he’s confident he’ll be able to attract solid retail tenants for this venture.

Northwood Plaza Shopping Center -- many of the businesses are closed, others are in disrepair.

Northwood Plaza Shopping Center — many of the businesses are closed, others are in disrepair.

According to one neighbor, who has attended community meetings with the developer present, the surrounding neighborhood associations are in favor of the development — except the Hillen Road Improvement Association, which also has the backing of State Senator Joan Carter Conway. Unfortunately, instead of representing her district, Senator Conway has chosen to side with her own interests and that of her immediate neighbors, who apparently don’t want Morgan students living nearby.

What can you do?

Sign the petition for better development near Morgan State’s campus.

Email or call Senator Joan Conway and remind her that she was elected to represent all of the 43rd District — not just her own interests and those of her immediate neighbors.

Morgan State students and faculty deserve better — let’s make sure we support them in their desire for better housing and retail options.