Big Changes

One of Baltimore’s longest-running Fair Housing organizations, Baltimore Neighborhoods, Inc. (BNI) will be closing its doors at the end of this month. BNI was instrumental in bringing about change in how landlords and other property owners treated prospective tenants and homeowners, and their 60 years of hard work will be sorely missed.

Because BNI was the fiscal sponsor of this project, any contributions towards HPW will no longer be tax deductible, until we either find a new fiscal home, or create a new 501c3. Your support and kindness over the past almost-10 years has been incredible, and I look forward to whatever the next chapter brings.

With all that said, however, please know that if you have any tenant- or landlord-related issues or questions, and need assistance, please feel free to use the contact form, and your questions will be answered promptly, by me. If your issue is outside the scope of what I can do, I will refer you to someone within my network (with your knowledge and permission, of course.)

Despite the events over the past few months, I still firmly believe that together, we can make sure all of Baltimore’s residents have safe and healthy housing.