Thank You!

Many, many thanks to everyone who came to Friday night’s fundraiser — it was so wonderful to meet many of you and talk about what we’re doing now, and what we hope to accomplish in the future! Most of the art pieces sold, so a special thank you to all of the artists who donated their work (and their time).  One of the pieces that did not sell — an amazing sculpture by Paula Ibey, will be offered through a special online auction soon!

Also, a big thank you to Zella’s and Blacksauce Kitchen for their food and beverage donations.  If you’ve never had pizza from Zella’s go ASAP.  You’ll soon see why they’re always voted “Best Pizza”, and Blacksauce’s cider-braised chicken with biscuits…to die for. It’s so nice to find companies that are supportive of our work — much appreciated!

If you did not attend, and would like to make a tax-deductible contribution towards our work, please go here.

One thing happened that was a bit…odd.  A landlord/property owner showed up and made a bit of a fuss — it appeared he was slightly inebriated before walking in the door.  He proceeded to give me quite the dressing down about the number of citations he’s received from the city about the construction debris at one of his properties.  Apparently he doesn’t think he’s required to get a Dumpster or Dumpster permit, and according to him, property owners like him are the only reason why Baltimore is showing any signs of improvement. Unfortunately, he began to taunt and threaten another guest and had to be removed.

But I would like to thank that guy for crashing the party — because every time one of these folks opens their mouth about why they don’t have to follow the law, and it’s everyone’s fault but theirs, and why they’re right and everyone else is wrong — it only clarifies how much work their is left to do, and how wonderful it would be if people like him would take their business elsewhere.  For every lawbreaking property owner who thinks he’s above the law that we can get rid of, it opens the door for someone who does want to follow the rules and create decent housing for those who want to live in our city.

Just remember, folks — public policy created the window for opportunists like this guy and others, public policy allows them to proliferate, and public policy can and should put a stop to them.  We can do this!