Justice for Neighbors in Southwest Baltimore

In the course of speaking to community groups, the issue of nuisance properties comes up a lot. Sometimes the complaints are fairly minor — trash, noise, etc., and sometimes the complaints turn into a story of a community being terrorized by the residents of one property, one with an owner or landlord who does nothing to alleviate the hell that’s being unleashed on a block, or on an entire neighborhood.

We were asked to help a community in SW Baltimore that had reached the end of its rope with regard to a nuisance property — the conditions inside the home were so bad that the children living there had to be removed. Police were called to the property over 30 times for various complaints, including “armed individuals” going in and out. The neighbors lived in fear, and this one home was destroying the entire block.

We’re very happy to report the property owners are being brought to court, and we hope that the neighbors receive the justice, and peace, they’ve deserved for so long. A huge thank you to the State’s Attorney’s Office and Baltimore Housing for taking this issue seriously, and for following up. I can’t adequately express how thrilled I am to know that these neighbors will once again have a peaceful, safe block, once this nuisance is abated.

You can read the letter from Housing to the property owners here and here — please note, all identifying information has been redacted, to protect the neighbors who complained, and also to protect the identities of the children who once lived in this horrific house.

If you or your neighbors are experiencing a similar situation, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Nobody deserves to be terrorized in their own neighborhood, or in their own home.