District 10 City Council Candidate Ed Reisinger on Housing

Ed Reisinger, the incumbent City Councilman, was the first of two candidates to respond to the questionnaire. His answers are below, with no edits.

1. Baltimore City has 30,000+ vacant homes. How do you intend to clean up blight in your district that isn’t a rehash or continuation of previous plans? And how do you propose to pay for your plan?

In my district, I have found small developers who are willing to take ownership and rent it out. First the city takes ownership

2. The two fastest-growing income groups in Baltimore are those who earn $75,000 and up, and those who earn $25,000 and below. The middle class in Baltimore is stagnating, and struggling to afford rental housing. How do you propose to keep median-income renters from leaving the city without pushing them into homeownership they may not want or be able to afford?

Need to lower the tax rate but also raise the wages to 15.oo and hour so people can afford rent.

3. Our Housing Authority has a decades-long reputation for corruption and incompetence at its top leadership tier. How do you plan to address this?

Split HCD and HABC

4. It’s been said that Baltimore’s tax sale process is burdensome to seniors and low-income residents, forcing many out of their homes. How do you plan to make this process easier for those who are struggling to pay for their water bills and property taxes, and how would you better structure the city’s tax sale process to ensure homes aren’t purchased and subsequently neglected?

I agree it’s a problem and restructure is the answer. I would want to sit down with you and others who are more experience to resolve this matter.

5. If you plan to introduce a reduction in property taxes, please indicate that, but also indicate how you plan to make up for the lost revenue.

To reduce the Property Tax, You reduce SPENDING. It’s Priorities.

6. How do you propose enforcing Baltimore City’s inclusionary housing law?

I strongly believe it is time to introduce new legislation. A new Mayor and new council, I will sponsor a new rewrite.

7. Is there anything else voters should know about your approach to housing in District 10?

My goal is to eliminate boarded up buildings. Affordable Housing. Housing Enforcement. Slum Landlords.

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