Photo of West Baltimore vacant homes.

Dollar Houses, the 2017 Version

The fact that our City Council wants to bring back the Baltimore Dollar House program has been in the news lately, and so far everything I’ve read or heard leaves more questions than answers.  The program was successful back in the 1970s-1980s, as potential homeowners could purchase City-owned homes for $1, provided they had the Read more about Dollar Houses, the 2017 Version[…]

Newspaper clipping about Mayor Mahool and Jim Crow housing segregation

Elected Officials: More Work, Less Partisan Politics

Baltimore has a long history of blockbusting, redlining, and other illegal housing activity by many of the city’s largest rental property owners. Our city’s children are still being poisoned by lead paint at an alarming rate. Housing segregation, and the resulting economic segregation, have been just as much an integral part of “progressive” Baltimore as Read more about Elected Officials: More Work, Less Partisan Politics[…]

Photo of the US Capitol

HUD Secretary Carson Cancels Small Area Fair Market Rent Rule

The Small Area FMR program, introduced by HUD in January of this year, was a program long-awaited by advocates for housing affordability and mobility. It changed the way fair market rents were set, and tailored them to localized economic conditions, potentially raising the number of affordable units in high-opportunity areas. Sadly, HUD Secretary Carson has Read more about HUD Secretary Carson Cancels Small Area Fair Market Rent Rule[…]

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2018 Priorities

These are our priorities for 2018, and what we’ll be working on. Please feel free to add anything you feel is important in the comments, and it might be added to this list: Expansion of the Maryland Renters Tax Credit to include moderate-income renters. Better enforcement of lead paint laws, to include mandatory jail sentences Read more about 2018 Priorities[…]

Photo of the Maryland State House in Annapolis

Action Needed: Anti-Tenant Legislation Must Be Defeated!

Right now there’s a bad bill in front of the Maryland legislature, and your voice is needed to protect the rights of tenants. SB706 would speed up breach of lease eviction cases from 10 days to 4, in the case of “specified dangerous behavior” — however, the bill allows for harm to the landlord’s property Read more about Action Needed: Anti-Tenant Legislation Must Be Defeated![…]

Photo of the Maryland State House in Annapolis

Action Alert: Support Tenant Protections in Rent Court Today!

There are two bills that will be heard in Annapolis by the Environment and Transportation Committee on March 7 at 1:00 PM, that would introduce additional protection for tenants. These bills are important to creating an equitable legal playing field for tenants in rent court: HB1346, introduced by Delegate Lafferty (D-District 42A) defines “rent” as Read more about Action Alert: Support Tenant Protections in Rent Court Today![…]

Photo of Jim Crow graffiti in Baltimore

Jim Crow is Alive and Well…

Yesterday I posted an Instagram photo of a piece of graffiti [Name Withheld] did on the top of a building near Clipper Mill, and I had my first Instagram Fight. The photo I posted was this: Jim Crow Runs Bmore. Indeed “he” does, but having this idea, and saying so publicly, sparked a discussion about Read more about Jim Crow is Alive and Well…[…]

Map of publicly subsidized housing in Baltimore City.

Baltimore City Public Housing Segregation

Right now, researchers have tools to determine where affordable and subsidized housing is being built and preserved — and also where poverty is being concentrated. With the gutting of HUD’s funding for data and tracking tools, it could allow the continuation of housing segregation, or worse, push it back to pre-Fair Housing Act days where Read more about Baltimore City Public Housing Segregation[…]

Photo of the Maryland State House in Annapolis

2017 Maryland Legislation to Watch

HB0172 – Home Act of 2017 Stating that the Act seeks to deconcentrate poverty by providing additional opportunities for tenants utilizing public subsidies to live in neighborhoods other than the neighborhoods in which those individuals are currently and disproportionately residing; expanding the housing policy of the State regarding the provision of fair housing to include Read more about 2017 Maryland Legislation to Watch[…]