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Big Changes

One of Baltimore’s longest-running Fair Housing organizations, Baltimore Neighborhoods, Inc. (BNI) will be closing its doors at the end of this month. BNI was instrumental in bringing about change in how landlords and other property owners treated prospective tenants and homeowners, and their 60 years of hard work will be sorely missed. Because BNI was Read more about Big Changes[…]

Photo of West Baltimore vacant homes.

Q&A With Kahan Dhillon

By now you’ve probably heard of Kahan Dhillon, the man from Northern Virginia who wants to turn the “blank canvas” that is Baltimore City (he claims he didn’t say this in reference to the whole city and was misrepresented by the Baltimore Business Journal) into a renaissance of sorts. Having lived here for 17 years, Read more about Q&A With Kahan Dhillon[…]

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Dear Mayor Pugh,

Congratulations on winning the election. You’re now Baltimore City’s mayor instead of my State Senator, so hopefully being here instead of Annapolis, you’ll be more committed to Baltimore’s neighborhoods. Here are a few suggestions, with regard to housing in Baltimore that you may want to consider: Break Baltimore Housing and the Housing Authority of Baltimore Read more about Dear Mayor Pugh,[…]

Photograph of Baltimore row homes.

The New Redlining

People love data. Numbers. They paint a different, more succinct picture than words sometimes, and they can be turned into maps, infographics, and other visuals that have a bigger, faster impact. However, numbers can be manipulated in a way that allows governments and corporations to create policies that keep poor people away from things that Read more about The New Redlining[…]

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Fair Housing in Baltimore County

In light of the settlement reached between Baltimore County and several organizations and individuals who sued the County, in order to ensure Fair Housing laws are met in that jurisdiction, I’ve read a lot of questions about what “fair housing” means. The first thing people need to understand is that Fair Housing has nothing to Read more about Fair Housing in Baltimore County[…]

Support Good Development Near Morgan State: Sign the Petition

If you’ve ever been to Morgan State University’s campus in Baltimore, one of the first things you notice is the lack of retail nearby. Normally a university campus would be surrounded by restaurants, coffee shops, etc. similar to the Johns Hopkins campus in Charles Village. There is a shopping center just off Morgan’s campus — Read more about Support Good Development Near Morgan State: Sign the Petition[…]

2016 Mayoral Candidates on Housing

Candidates were asked for their plan to address vacants and other housing issues in the city, with the idea of publishing their responses so residents could better understand where each candidate stands on this issue. Each candidate was given the same four questions, along with the same amount of time to answer. Baltimore City has Read more about 2016 Mayoral Candidates on Housing[…]

TOMORROW: Rally to Save Baltimore Civil Rights History

Bethel AME Church has demolished one of Baltimore’s historic civil rights landmarks, located at 1234 Druid Hill Avenue, and it’s unclear as to whether they want to demolish 1232. Neighbors, community activists, and preservationists are horrified by the lack of respect the church has shown towards these historic homes over the years. They’ve allowed them Read more about TOMORROW: Rally to Save Baltimore Civil Rights History[…]

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Send a Strong Message to the Mayor and City Council Today: Paul Graziano Must Go

Paul Graziano, head of Baltimore City’s Housing Authority has been the subject of scandals over the years, whether personally, or through the agency he runs: Drunken incidents in bars, involving homophobic slurs Refusal to pay lead paint settlements to families whose children were poisoned in HABC-owned homes Discrimination against people with disabilities (link opens a Read more about Send a Strong Message to the Mayor and City Council Today: Paul Graziano Must Go[…]

These Things I Know

The past few days have been tough for Baltimore. Fires, looting, injuries, arrests — nobody wants to watch their city fall apart in a matter of days. However, with that said, these incidents were bound to happen — there was a perfect storm of legitimate protest and outliers who saw this as the time to Read more about These Things I Know[…]