Housing Questionnaire Candidate Response: John Amankwah

John Amankwah (D) is running for State Delegate, District 45.

Baltimore City has 30,000+ vacant homes. Do you have additional ideas for cleaning up the blight that isn’t a rehash or continuation of previous plans? And how do you propose to pay for your plan?

Baltimore has a lot of land (like some of the golf courses) I believe we can sell that land to developers to build low-income housing. Also in addition lower property tax which is the highest in Baltimore city than other any other jurisdiction.

The two fastest-growing income groups in Baltimore are those who earn $75,000 and up, and those who earn $25,000 and below. Middle-income families, who earn approximately $41,000, are struggling to afford rental housing. How do you propose to keep median-income renters from leaving the city without pushing them into homeownership they may not want or be able to afford?

I would like to City to partner up with non-profit organizations such as your own, banks, and churches to build affordable housing. The city could provide tax breaks to these groups.

How do you plan to address lead paint poisoning in our city, a problem that has a disparate impact on low-income Black families?

I believe in Maryland lead poison Act of 2016 was it was written. I believe that the industry that caused the problem should be responsible. And I will fight for legislation to make them responsible.

Is there anything else voters should know about your approach to affordable and safe housing?

I also believe it and multi-leveled low income housing.