April 6, 2017


The catalyst for this project was the Baltimore Slumlord Watch project, created in January of 2009 by Carol Ott, a Baltimore City resident, as a way for residents to discuss and share information on Baltimore’s many negligent property owners. It was a direct result of watching many out of town “investors” and others destroy neighborhoods through their negligence, with little to no oversight.

The initial project was featured in many local and national publications and news outlets, and has won several awards.   Partnering with Baltimore Neighborhoods, Inc. (our fiscal manager), a nonprofit with a proven track record across Maryland was the logical next step.


To create a more equitable Baltimore, through affordable and safe housing, free from the racial discrimination that has plagued our city for the past five decades.

Our services and work are available to anyone, regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or ethnicity.